Seminar on sharing practices and best experiences among Youth workers and youth leaders in social inclusion and human rights education. – Theatre of the oppressed through Multimedia Lens.

Third Activity of Project “Theatre of the oppressed through Multimedia Lens” was held successfully on September 10-16, in Durres Albania and each organization sent 3 participants, 3 facilitators/reporter (UK, Albania and Italy) and 1 staff. Seminar was be focused in discussing different tools used in youth work in international and local level. A special place was dedicated to the use of the creative tools together and its impact to young people (multimedia and theatre). As well, different realities of young people with fewer opportunities, analyze challenges and problems, sharing best examples and provide recommendation for improvement and raising quality of youth work, networking and policy making impact were part of the programme. Detailed measures for making the project sustainable beyond the granting period and drafting follow-up activities were as well planned during the seminar.

The methodology used included communication-based methods (interaction, dialogue, open discussions), activity-based methods (sharing experience, practice and experimentation), socially-focused methodologies (partnerships, teamwork, networking) and self-directing methods (creativity, discovery, responsibility, action). Participants were actively involved in learning at each stage of the project. All learners were asked to present the cultural realities in their countries and present during the workshops.

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