Training Course – We BELIEVE in Unity Together!

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We BELIEVE in Unity Together! is a training course for youth leaders and youth workers and it aimed to promote tolerance and mutual understanding among youth of different communities and religions and was held in Prishtina (Kosovo) from 12-19 May 2014. With this project we looked forward to shed light on the growing importance of dialogue and mutual understanding of persons living together in a multi-religious community. The project took place in Pristina, Kosovo, and foresee 7 days of activities, excluding the travel days. 30 participants from 10 different countries were involved and a mixture of youth leaders/youth workers coming from countries of the European Union and the South East Europe Region participated. This diversity of backgrounds enhanced the mixture of ideas and experiences in a multi-cultural/multi-religious environment, for a better learning process of both the participants as well as the trainers. This course gave to participants the opportunity to improve and increase their understanding and knowledge of the diversity of religions and aimed to increase their problem – solving skills on the basis of non-formal, equality and human rights education, when confronted with prejudices, stereotypes and racism in the multi-religious community we live in. Non formal education methods like as team building activities, workshops, role playing, group discussions, brainstorming, study visits were used. Our goal through this project was also to create a real cooperation among participants, in order to build future projects. Youth 4 Society organisation was happy to be represented in this activity with 3 participants, which were satisfied with the outcomes of the training. As well Youth 4 Society put new contacts for future cooperation.


Youth Exchange – Peer to Peer Education for Healthy Life Style

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“Peer to Peer Education for Healthy Life Style” was an YE implemented by Youth4Society organization in Pogradec Albania from 31st March to 8th of April 2014. The project gathered 36 young people coming from Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Turkey and Albania who worked during 8 days on issues related to health, health education and peer to peer education concepts. The project aimed at empowering youth leaders and youth workers with methods of peer to peer education in order to promote healthy life style in local communities. In the same time, the activity also influenced into the intercultural learning process of the participants, breaking down stereotypes and prejudices and getting to know better the other cultures.


• To explore the concept of healthy lifestyle and abstinence against alcohol, smoking and malnutrition

• To empower young people with basic skills in organizing a health promotion campaign

• To promote non-formal education and YiA programme as a support tool for health education

• To foster youth leaders to become peer educators for a healthy lifestyle

• To explore cultural support towards health through inter-cultural learning process

The main methodology used during the activity was non-formal education approach. Participants received theoretical input and in the same time developed their skills and competences through: group discussions, role plays, simulation exercises, learning in the nature activities, etc. During the last day of the activity, participants prepared a health education campaign in the city center of Pogradec promoting healthy life style also on behalf on the World Health day. Divided in 6 groups: Sexual education, healthy eating, mental health, dancing, sports, smoking and drug abuse, participants invited also local people of Pogradec to be part of the activity and live a healthy life.

Link: Photogallery Peer to Peer Education for Healthy Life Style