Training Course – Boost your leadership skills

“Boost your leadership skills” was training course action 3.1 which was prepared and implemented in practice from Youth 4 Society  from 22-29 September 2014 in Pogradec, Albania.The aim of the training course was bring 24 participants from EU and SEE countries to learn, share and experience together leadership skills. Youth workers and activists from SEE & EU will come together.  
The  main aim of project was to develop leadership skills and empower youth from different minority groups, to boos them with more possibilities and opportunities for active participation considering  different factors which determine the participation of youngsters from minorities in community life. Most of the organisations partner in this project are working with marginalized target groups in our society especially with minorities. Being part of a minority group such as: a young person from a Roma community, a disabled person, a young person belonging to migrant family, a young person from LGBT community etc.,  in many cases lead to isolation whether social, cultural or educational.Youth workers from different partner organisations were our target group. As well some youngsters from these minorities (now activists in partner organisations) who experience isolation and exclusion were participants in the activity. 

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