KICK-OFF MEETING! Y4S successfully started “Minorities in Focus Project

We successfully implemented the Kick-off meeting in Turku, Finland! This is just the start of a great project! Thank you StepEurope for being an amazing host and partner! Thanks to our hardworking partners: Udruzenje Svetlost, Tdm 2000, Sheleter International .V

The project aims to raise the capacities of 5 youth associations from EU and Western Balkan which work in minority inclusion field through the empowerment and support of youth workers/leaders with various effective tools adding quality to youth work in local and European level. The project also seeks at fostering the participants’ awareness on how certain minorities, groups of individuals are socially excluded on the basis of their culture, status, belonging to minority groups or religion, and encourage those target groups to take a stand against racism and social exclusion using practical tools elaborated in this project. 

Objectives set from the consortium are:

  • To raise understanding of important concepts on minority, migration, social exclusion, promote inclusion among youth workers/activists and propose effective solutions
  • To analyse and address challenges faced in youth work in local and European level while implementing in practice projects with youngsters with minority background
  • To raise awareness about the different implications of the phenomenon of minorities and migration with a view to improving participants’ level of competences and fostering their active participation in society.
  • To empower youth workers to gain competences how to include young people from minorities in community life using non-formal learning mobility and various educational tools
  • To contribute to professional and personal development of youth workers and improve quality of youth work, initiatives by developing specific resources, tools and support materials for youth organizations and youth workers;
  • To promote the Erasmus + YiA Programme as a tool for minority inclusion work establishing conditions to create a common strategy for future cooperation.

Majorities, minorities, migrants and mentalities are at the center of this project that analyses the history, present and future of multicultural Europe. European national, ethnic, and religious minorities have for the past two hundred years been of fundamental importance for the ideologies and decision making processes of European states, and for the attitudes and actions of dominant majority populations.

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