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These publication are the result of an Erasmus KA2 Capacity Building in the field of Youth 2017 project “Social Inclusion Through Applied Drama”.

The project “Social Inclusion Through Applied Drama” is carried out by CEPORA – Center for Positive Youth Development and is co-financed by the Ministry of culture and information of Republic of Serbia

ALBANIA – Youth 4 Society

SPAIN –Pirineus Creatius

ITALY –Uniamoci Onlus

HUNGARY – Open Circle Association

CROATIA – Association Practicum

Social Inclusion Through Applied Drama aims at improving capacities of organizations for implementing applied drama techniques for social inclusion of people with fewer opportunities. The consortium consists of organizations with different experiences in the field, and is focused at exchanging good practice, horizontal non-formal learning and enriching of partners programmes with new methodologies. It consists of organizing a seminar, a training course for youth workers and a follow-up meeting. During the project organisations will create new partnerships, exchange different effective approaches for using applied drama, enrich their programmes and raise their staff competences. As a result a new comprehensive training module will be produced, with direct inputs for replication through publicized project results. The project will have impact on organizations involved, their staff, participants in their programmes, but also on other organizations, communities their users live in, communities the organizations work in, practice in the field of social inclusion on the local, national and international level.


Theatre of the oppressed through multimedia lens

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“Theatre of the oppressed through multimedia lens” is the new project which will be implemented from Albanian organization Youth4Society kicking off in November 2017 and finish on October 2018. The project aim to raise the capacities of 8 youth associations from EU and Western Balkan which work in inclusion field through the empowerment and support of youth workers/leaders with effective tools in multimedia and theatre techniques adding quality to youth work in local and European level. The project is financed from Erasmus + programme, under KA2, Capacity Building in field of youth.

7 partners organizations (TDM 2000-Italy, LLL-Kosovo,  Praxis-UK, Mladi Info-Macedonia, Art Fusion-Romania, Light-Serbia, Batman Fen –Turkey) are part of the consortium.

Kick Off meeting was the first activity of the project which was held on 7-10 November 2017, in Durres, Albania. All partners send one representative who will coordinate the action in local and European level during project implementation. The coordinator of Y4S presented a detail presentation of the project phases, main aim, objectives, calendar of the activities in local and European level, impact and target group. As well, a detail description of necessary technicalities to implement the project was discussed among the consortium. Roles and tasks were divided based in action plan which have to be followed by each partner in all phases such as preparation, implementation, follow up and dissemination. Identity of the project, visibility of project and dissemination strategy was other important elements discussed in the meeting.