Activity 3: Youth Exchange – Act for Human Rights Education


The youth exchange “Act for Human Rights Education” was the third activity of the project implemented in Pogradec, Albania from 10-18 March 2016. Partner countries: PEL– FYR of Macedonia, Ligo Lex Legis-Kosovo, Svetlost-Serbia, Praxis-UK, Group Zenith-Turkey, TDM 200

0-Italy, Mladi Voluntari-Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Group: 40 participants and group leaders (25 males and 15 females)
Team: The exchange was facilitated by group leaders and 1 support staff and a trainer in HRE. The main aim of the exchange was to allow the young people come together in a multicultural environment and learn about human rights and multimedia tools that can be used to advocate the HRE. At same time the main focus of the project was that participants that were in the first two activities would lead the groups and have the possibility to firstly practice the skills and knowledge gained in the TCs, and secondly transfers these skills to the other participants.

The youth exchange was run through the non formal education settings, allowing the participants to get the necessary skills and knowledge and to put them in practice. As such, during the event concrete workshops from HRE manuals were implemented, role plays and simulation activities, as well as country realities. All these gave the participants the possibility to learn more about HRE and each other realities they come from.

The second half of the exchange was then fully based on putting skills in practice using learning by doing. Learning from professionals of video making and media approaches, they were able to learn how to edit and produce short videos, always focusing on human rights issues. As an added element to the exchange was the focus in written media, where participants were taught how to write reportage and articles for online media. After working in groups the participants created 4 different works that were later on exhibited in an open exhibition at the hotel where some local youngsters and media channels were invited to participate.

The 4 workshops were: Photo reportage about gender based issues “You know my gender not my story- Gender in-between the stereotypes!” Article and street interviews about the city of Pogradec. Photo reportage about gender equality – Violence is not the choice Photo reportage “the right to choose”, with pictures taken from the creations of recycled materials and pictures using shadows technique. Its to be emphasized that the work done from the groups was exceptional, with lots of collaboration and creativity to apply all the information, knowledge and skills received in the previous two trainings.



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