Activity 2: Training of Trainers on multimedia and promotion of HRE


The training course Embracing Multimedia for HRE- Training of Trainer on multimedia and promotion of HRE: 14-21 December 2015 was implemented by Youth 4 Society organization and took place from 14 -21 December 2015 in Durres, Albania.
In the training participated 24 participants from whom 11 males and 13 females asuring a good gender balance.
The training was facilitated from an international team of 4 trainers and 2 support staff.
The main aim of this training course was to bring together 24 youth leaders / workers coming from different countries of Europe, in order to empower them with knowledge on promoting of human rights education approach and multimedia tools, which they can use within their projects and practices. A core element of the training course was to foster young people from different cultural backgrounds in the strengthening of civil society providing them with practical tools how to use multimedia in their work as an innovative approach in promotion of human rights education. Combination of theory on HRE and practice in multimedia was an element which made this training course a very special experience. Participants got knowledge in human rights education main philosophy, multimedia, Erasmus + programme, networking. As practical skills participants worked with multimedia tools such were: preparing the script, editing and sound, camera usage and adobe premier, written media and  photography. In the end of the training the participants created 2 video jingles with message about importance of protection of human rights and inclusion in our communities.
During the training course, participants were provided with knowledge and information about the historical role and present function of human rights, European institutions, the concepts and formal meanings, expressions of human rights education in concrete work with youngsters with fewer opportunities. Both the Council of Europe and the European Commission are promoting active citizenship and human rights education through policies and programs and therefore detailed presentations were done by the trainers.
Project was a unique and sucesfull experience because practice and thoery was combined in useful way. During the first days of training participants got knowledge in key concepts such were: human rights, human rights education approach, inclusion, equality, citizenship, intercultural learning, solidarity, empathy, Erasmus +Youth in action ect. And in continuation participants worked with multimedia tools participating in different workshops such were photograpy, written media, articles, sound, figure, editing ect. Participants improved their competencies as trainers in human rights educationan and inclusion topic and learn practically how to use multimedia in their youth work with young people.

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