Youth Exchnage – Learning in the nature

“Learning in nature’’ was a youth exchange hosted by Youth4Society organisation, 7-15 September 2012, in the city of Pogradec, Albania. It brought together 43 youngsters, 36 participants and 7 leaders from six countries: Albania, Macedonia, Italy, Romania, Turkey and Kosovo. The main theme of the youth exchange was education through outdoor activities. Partcipants got familiar with the concept of using outdoor activities to lead them in a healthy lifestyle. During the exchange they had the chance to reflect on the benefits that outdoor activities brings in the youngsters’ life, as well as protecting the environment as a challenge for our generation. Participants got equipped with different tools in order to use outdoor education in future projects in local and international level. Despite this, the youngsters had the possibility to cooperate together and share ideas for future projects within Youth in Action programme.

The methodolgy that was used, based on non-formal education. Methods such as: discussions, role play, games, simulations etc, helped participants to get a complete picture of outdoor activites as well as helping them to practice what they learned.

Partners were very helpful and present in every stage of the project. First they helped with suggestions while the project was being drafted. Once the project got approved they shared information about the activity and started selecting the participants. Partners provided the neccessary information and guidelines to their participants in order to be prepared before the event. Another aspect was spreading the outcomes of the project in their websites and in their local communities

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