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New activities

Training course: path to interfaith dialogue 3-9 february 2010

This is  a training course for youth leaders and youth workers and aims to promote tolerance and mutual understanding amongst youth of different communities and religions. As the title indicates, the project aims to shed light on the growing importance of dialogue and mutual understanding of persons living in a multi-cultural or multi-religious community.

The project will take place in Albania and the 30 participants will be a mixture of youth leaders / youth workers coming from countries of the European Union, the pre-accession Country of Turkey, The Euromed Region, the South East Europe Region and Caucas region . This diversity of backgrounds will enhance the mixture of ideas and experiences in the multi-cultural / multi-religious environment, for a better learning process of both the participants as well as the trainers.

This course will give the participants the possibility to improve and increase their understanding and knowledge of the diversity of religions and aims to increase their problem – solving skills on the basis of non-formal, equality and human rights education, when confronted with prejudices, stereotypes and racism in the multi-religious community we live in