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“Theatre of the Oppressed through Multimedia Lens”

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“Theatre of the Oppressed through Multimedia Lens” is a capacity building project under Erasmus +programme which aim to involve 8 youth organizations from Western Balkan and EU which work in inclusion field through the empowerment and support of youth workers with effective tools in multimedia and theatre of the oppressed techniques adding quality to youth work in local and international level.
The project offers an innovative blend of innovative tools in theatre of the oppressed and multimedia work with addressing a key emerging challenge for European youth – social inclusion and respect for human rights. Topics to be elaborated in the project are: social inclusion versus social exclusion, Human Rights Education, Inclusion, Anti-discrimination, Intolerance and xenophobia, Theatre and Multimedia as a powerful tool for empowerment of young people, Theatre of the oppressed as a tool promote
Erasmus+ Youth as a tool for active citizenship and participation in social life of young people as a tool or social transformation and social inclusion, Exchanges of best practices and effective tools, Multimedia as a tool for future employment, Discussion of challenges met in youth work and provide solution based in experiences accumulated, Non formal education tools as a bridge for overcoming transition to work and labour market, employment strategies in European and national level, Building new bridges for European cooperation in youth work.
The first Mobility of the project is this training course which was held in Durres Albania from 7 till 15 December 2017, in AS Hotel in Durres. In total 32 participants from 8 partner organisations, 4 trainers and facilitators and 3 staff were part of the project. The training focused in exploring social exclusion in each country and learning how to address social inclusion through tools of multimedia and theatre of the oppressed.

link: TRAINING REPORT Mobility of Youth Workers held in Durres-Albania from 7-15 December 2017