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Activity 1 – Training Course on Human Rights Education

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The training course Embracing Multimedia for HRE -Training Course on Human Rights Education was implemented by Youth 4 Society organization and took place from 23-30 October 2015 in Tirana, Albania.

In the training participated 32 participants from whom 22 female and 10 male.
The training was facilitated from an international team of 4 trainers and 2 support staff.

The training started on 23d of October 2015 and was closed on 30th of October 2015 in the evening.

Training Course was designed as one part of a long-term process, which allowed participants to explore the specificities of the non-formal and the formal education contexts in relation to human rights education.
The training course gave to participants opportunity to discuss, learn and share their experiences working with young people with fewer opportunities in human rights education. The whole training course paid a particular attention to the concrete tools how to promote human rights education in practice to young people, to foster critical thinking and to be tolerant toward differences, foster solidarity for the marginalized groups, initiative and bring up new idea for the youth work.

The basis of this training was promotion of respect and tolerance which are the basis of HRE. The training started by addressing the respect of once own and others peoples opinions and view points, and tolerating that there are differences between them. Real variety of cultures were presented, approaches to different issues related to human rights education.